Do you want to save 50% to 70% on all your flights?

  • Imagine paying only 198€ for a round-trip flight to Costa Rica, instead of the regular cost of around 500€.
  • Or flying round-trip to Bali for 356€, instead of the usual cost of 550€.
  • How about going to Hong Kong for only 240€, instead of paying the regular price of 511€? 
  • You could even find flights within Europe for less than 10€ or 25€, or even for free!

ClubNómada's members have shared their experiences

with us

Se ahorró $6,255 en un vuelo a Tailandia. Además destaca el ahorro de tiempo de búsqueda.

Fran de Chamanexperience

Se han ahorrado $6,255 en unos billetes de España a México por cada miembro de su familia. 

Marta de

Los Mundo

En un viaje a Tailandia consiguió una reducción de precio de $3,129 por billete para su grupo.

Rubén de conoceteviajando.com

Many people spend hours searching for flights on websites like Skyscanner, Kayak, or momondo, trying different dates and using the incognito window to avoid cookies.

Despite all this effort, they usually only manage to save a small amount of money, which may not be worth the time and energy they invested.

Have you ever considered that your time is more valuable than the money you save by spending hours searching for flights?

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